EMC Distribution Ltd

We have been producing Precision Electro-Welded Tubes since 1987

Our mission

To satisfy the requirements of all our customers,through our high-quality,diverse and constantly growing range of production, high professional standards and long experience, combined with quick deliveries and competitive prices. EMC Distribution Ltd. has always aspired to achieve successful cooperation with our clients and partners, which has assured our long-term presence and excellent reputation in both the Bulgarian and the international markets.


Through the efforts of all our employees we strive to strengthen our position in the market and achieve the positive results that will guarantee on-going competitive prices and commercial prosperity.

Production increase

To fully satisfy all our customers’ requirements for high-quality products and to maintain customer trust in our company.


To improve the company’s competitiveness on the domestic and international markets using the Quality Management System implemented in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, subject to continuous improvement. The company is certified also according to ISO 14001:2016, IATF 16949:2016, BDS EN ISO 50001:2011.

Training and qualification

To encourage employee qualification, professional development and motivation.


To observe national legislation and European norms with respect to the methods and standards of product qualification.