Electrical instalations

For the production of tubes and fittings for electrical instalations we work according to the following standards:

EN 50086

Material used for the production of tubes, bends and couplers - threaded or non-threaded is low carbon steel S235JR, according to EN10025 and aluminium alloys from 5000 group.

  • Tubes can be supplied with be the following surface finishes:
  • Water-soluble, polyurethane lacquer, in black colour RAL 9005 with one side thickness of 20 μм, inside and outside cover of the tubes.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing with one side thickness of more than 56 μм, inside and outside cover of the tubes according to DIN 2444 for hot-dip galvanization of steel tubes for instalation purposes.
  • Tubes can be used in temperature range -45℃ to +400℃.
  • Standard length – 3 metres.
  • The marking of each tube includes identification, name of the customer, size and standard.