EMC Distribution LTD


EMC Distribution LTD has two production sites, one of which is the site where the company was initially established – in the village of Ivanovo. However the greater part of the company’s activities now takes place on the territory of the KTM–Ruse industrial complex, situated in the eastern part of the city of Ruse. The complex infrastructure is very well developed and offers land, railway and river transportation opportunities. Ruse is Bulgaria’s largest port on the Danube and is to date the location of the only bridge over the Danube in our country. The bridge was constructed in 1954 and connects Ruse with the Romanian town of Giurgiu. 

With Ruse being one of the two railway junctions on Bulgaria’s north border and a major road junction through European roads Е70 and Е85, a large portion of Bulgaria’s foreign trade with and via Romania passes through the city. One of the country’s 6 duty-free zones is also located in Ruse. The city is a large Bulgarian industrial centre and is a crossing point of some of the biggest European transport corridors. To mention a few:

  • transport corridor Nо.7 - Rhine-Main-Danube;

  • transport corridor Nо.4 – Berlin - Prague - Bratislava - Budapest - Bucharest - Ruse - Thessaloniki/Istanbul - the Middle East;

  • transport corridor Nо.9 - Helsinki - Kiev/Moscow - Odessa/Chisinau - Bucharest - Ruse - Plovdiv - Thessaloniki/Istanbul;

  • transport corridor Nо.8 - Durres - Tirana - Skopje - Sofia - Ruse/Varna/Burgas – CIS and other Black Sea countries.